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HVAC Monitoring System in Hurricane, WV

Most people don’t pay much attention to their HVAC system until something goes wrong. But what if you could prevent problems before they arise, or give your HVAC system the attention it needs to stay efficient at all times? That’s the power of Sensi Predict—a smart HVAC remote monitoring system that BMS Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration offers to Hurricane, WV homeowners.

We’re the only certified and trained Sensi Predict installation company in the area, and we’re ready to help you take your HVAC system to a new level of efficiency, longevity and reliability.


Why Choose Sensi Predict?

Your thermostat controls the temperature in your home. But what it can’t do is tell you how your HVAC system responds to your demands. A remote monitoring system like Sensi Predict gives you insights that even a smart thermostat can’t—everything from reminders to change your furnace filter to alerts about the efficiency of your cooling system. Here are some of the best features of Sensi Predict:

  • Real-time detection of HVAC issues and inefficiencies
  • Urgent HVAC alerts covering 32 functions and components
  • 24/7/365 diagnostic checks on your HVAC system
  • Monthly system report of key HVAC metrics for your home

Stay Alert to Your HVAC Performance

The last thing you want is for your HVAC system to suddenly stop working during a heat wave or in the middle of a famous Hurricane, WV blizzard. Sensi Predict helps you avoid problems before they happen by alerting you to potential issues as they develop, in real-time.

The system delivers Caution, Warning and Urgent alerts, to keep you apprised of dangers at different levels. Staying on top of Sensi Predict alerts can save you money by helping you avoid breakdowns and expensive inefficiencies. It’s like having an HVAC professional working for you every second of every day!

  • Caution indicates minor maintenance issues you can fix yourself
  • Warnings encompass malfunctions that could lead to a system breakdown
  • Urgent alerts mean your system needs immediate attention

Secure Monitoring, 24 Hours a Day

Sensi Predict is a smart home product, which means data integrity is a primary concern. This remote monitoring system is totally secure, with multiple layers of protection to ensure your household data is never exposed, always secure. You’ll get the benefit of:

  • WPA2-AES security
  • TLS/SSL data encryption
  • Distributed data storage

Get Sensi Predict Today

Let BMS Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration introduce you to the many benefits of Sensi Predict today! We’re the only certified, trained installer in Hurricane, WV. Contact us today at 304-437-2023 to schedule an installation appointment—it takes just 90 minutes and comes with a five-year warranty!

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